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Understanding Afghanistan With Adam Fitzgerald

September 12, 2021

Co-host of The Darkened Hour, Richard Cox, returns to interview Adam Fitzgerald regarding the current state of Afghanistan and the United States military withdrawal of the capitol Kabul in recent weeks leading the Taliban to take complete control of the country. We delve into the history of what precipitated the US invasion in the first place which led to various points starting with the Unocal Pipeline deal with the Taliban,  the civil war between Northern Alliance and the Taliban and Al Qaeda training camps in Kandahar. We also talk about the recent book Adam Fitzgerald had read, "Jawbreaker: The Attack on Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda" authored by Gary Berntsen. Berntsen was the lead commander of the CIA operation code named, "Jawbreaker" , which also involved the Northern Alliance, Eastern Alliance and US Special forces who had surrounded Osama Bin Laden and approximately 450 Al Qaeda fighters in Tora Bora which saw Bin Laden & Al Qaeda fighters escape into Pakistan. We end the discussion giving our overall thoughts regarding the history of the US-Afghanistan conflict.